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Advertising on LIEN Works!!

Because posting on Long Island Equestrian Network is free, LIEN is the most comprehensive list of equestrian services. People come to LIEN to find what they are looking for, your services! Choosing to advertise with us makes your service the most visible and gets results you are looking for!

Viewed by thousands of equine enthusiasts from all over Long Island, Long Island Equestrian Network Banner Ads are an effective use of your advertising budget. What makes our Banners different from banners on other sites is, visitors that see your banner are looking for your service; they are your target audience. For example if you offer boarding, placing a banner ad on our boarding page insures that people looking for boarding see your ad first.

Home pages of similar sites in areas with comparable demographics get over 1,500 new hits a day (hits from users that had not previously visited the site). That is approx. 1,500 new people that see your banner on our home page. Comparing this with circulation of local print ads demonstrates that advertising on our site is 30 times more effective then running a print ad. Banner ads pricing is comparable to that of print ads making your advertising dollar stretch 30 times as far by advertising with us.

A banner can either be a still image or a flash that shares multiple messages with your audience; side banners must be a still image. To advertise with us send us an e-mail to  advertize@LongIslandEquestrianNetwork.com with the banner as an attachment (make sure the banner is sized to one of the options)  We will then send you an e-mail with a link to a proof page (please allow 48 hours to receive and e-mail from us, make sure your e-mail address is in the message section of the e-mail).  Once approved by you there will be a link on that page to submit payment via credit card, or you can mail us a check.  Payment indicates approval of the proof page.  Once payment has been received we will post your banner (allow 24 hours).

For advertising rates click here.

It's that easy!!  Get started today and see results NOW!

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